the mid-way point.

day 10 of living in the youth olympic village and yes, i’m still alive. maybe not exactly kicking, but alive nonetheless.

i still am incredibly honoured to be learning under the unbelievably experienced and yet patient and encouraging trainers of the programme. i mean really – take a look at some of their credentials and you really wonder: why would they want to take the time and trouble to tell you anything at all?

but i guess what they’re doing for us is really something like what the athlete role models are doing for the young athletes here at the Games… and really is about the Olympic movement. sure, we’re not exactly running 100m in under 10 seconds out there – but it doesn’t matter does it? just like how the role models take time to support and come inspire the younger athletes, it also an amazing experience just to be working with these trainers every day.

and speaking of athlete role models, i’ve had the opportunity to see so many Olympians i don’t believe it myself. when i was in michigan for six months two years ago, i met my first olympian (and gold medallist) – tara nott, who won gold at the weightlifting in sydney.

we’ve had the chance to meet up close with olympic legends like seb coe and frankie fredericks. and today, while i was at the girls’ tennis final, i saw ai sugiyama. i mean, when the list of athlete role models first came out, hers was one of the very few names that i actually could recognize and know. there she was, sitting next to me at the girls’ consolation final. i got the chance to interview her for a bit – and she is incredibly nice. super down-to-earth, no airs or anything and just so easy to speak to.

yes, i took a photo with her too!

that’s one thing about the athletes we’ve met so far. they’re big stars – but they certainly don’t act like it and don’t demand star treatment. it’s amazing to see how that they’ve remained grounded despite their illustrious careers.

even more tomorrow – carlos nuzman (rio 2016 head), gilbert felli (ioc exec director of olympic games), jacque rogge (ioc president!) and yelena isinbayeva (AMAZING russian pole vaulter).

sometimes you think about it this way, and despite the crazy weariness you still don’t really want all these to end.

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